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Basta magmahal,
at magpakahusay.

We want to make Filipino creatives and industries “mahusay,” and we could only achieve that through a holistic approach. We strive to provide resources and offerings that could help each aspect of a Filipino creative, may it be their artistic, professional, and personal growth.

Hello, Ka-Husay! took other forms or phases before we got here. We started organizing events, giving stages to excellent Filipino artists and performers until we’ve decided to push for a holistic non-exclusive artist management platform.

Let us take you on a walk around’s history:

In 2017, while working in the creative industries, Leah Rasay with the help of supportive family and friends, decided to stage open-mic and outreach events encouraging artists from different genres like poetry, music, dance, and comedy, to share their talents. This was inspired by her experience as a dancer in a college dance group, volunteering at church and outreach programs, and working in the government with different creative and youth groups. We were going by the name Husay Talents back then.

As much as these artists were passionate about giving back to the community, they also needed to sustain themselves. We decided to organize our programs where they can learn business skills, get job opportunities, and direct them to projects where we know they would shine. Simultaneously, we had to change our name, from Husay Talents, we’ve become — a non-exclusive management company of excellent, “mahuhusay,” artists.

Enter the 2020 pandemic — when artists were definitely handicapped due to the prohibition of gatherings, basically vanishing all opportunity to perform and in turn, to profit and support themselves.

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During the whole course of our platform development: We have around 870 artists and counting, who participated in workshops, were hired for work, and shared their skills with our partner communities across the Philippines.

The website is now ready for use. For starters, creatives could build their artist profile and portfolio for potential client projects. Also we made learning features available, these are self-paced courses and mentorship aimed to establish their career by learning how to facilitate their worker benefits, invoicing, accounting, and marketing for more job opportunities!


As a response, Husay managed to conduct virtual events, podcast shows, and webinars for artists to find connections and learn more about sustaining their career as creatives.

In the process of providing artists a platform during the pandemic—when output-based remote work was more normalized than ever, we have decided to apply for and were awarded by the Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development through the Women-Helping-Women: Innovating Social Enterprises (DOST-PCIEERD WHWISE) Grant Fund Program to develop an online platform that primarily does two things: Help artists professionalize themselves and get clients, and help clients find the most suitable creative for their project.

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We are driven to help artists holistically, by not just focusing on their professional development, but by also nurturing their artistic vision and connecting them to different artist communities.

The Husay Approach

Aligned with our vision to create sustainable and fulfilling careers in the Philippine creative industries, we have developed into a platform for artists like you; whether you are a maker, producer, consumer, or an advocate of excellent creative work.